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Old Capitol Trail

  For Excellence in Education


Old Capitol Trail Academy, Inc. (OCTAI) was established in the summer of 1989 to serve the educational needs of homeschool families in Delaware. Today each member family acts as a satellite campus of OCTAI. The school is administered by Christian men and women who promote and encourage Christian values and Biblical principles in education. OCTAI is registered as a multi-family homeschool with the Delaware State Department of Public Instruction (school code # 830). We welcome families regardless of race, religious persuasion, and reasons and philosophies of home education. We believe that such diversity is in the longterm best-interest of preserving our right to educate our children at home.

We believe Christian parents are given the responsibility and moral authority by God to control and direct the educational and spiritual development of their children; therefore, the ultimate responsibility to determine progress and set educational goals rests with parents. At the same time, to meet legal responsibility to the Department of Public Instruction that all OCTAI students are receiving "regular and thorough instruction," we have an accountability process each family must meet. Accountability criteria can be found in the Membership Agreement